Automated goniometric reflectance spectrometer instrument for nasa's 2020 mars rover mission
BUILT 4 Space Exploration - Mars 2020 rover mastcam-z calibration spectro-goniometer
built 4 space exploration has been the systems designer and project leader, plus software developer on the automated goniometric reflectance spectrometer setup instrument used to collect calibration target reference data in the lab. for nasa´s 2020 mars rover mission 
(see video introduction here for further details). 

it was built and developed in close cooperation with the mechanical workshop at the niels bohr institute in copenhagen. 
built 4 space exploration contributed with development of the hardware design and connectivity of the different hardware systems (computers and micro-processors etc).

we also developed the software for running the automated processes (arduino, g-code & python scripts) for being able to do fully automatized robotic measurements. 
This fully automatized setup is now being used in the laboratory for creating bi-directional datasets to color correct the mastcam-z camera science images on NASA´s 2020 mars rover mission.
these datasets will be used to build a reflectance reference algorithm, that is used for "deducting" the red dust in Mars´ atmosphere, from all science data and images taken on Mars with the mastcam-z Mars rover cameras.